Oboe Reed Making Kits:   

  • Entry level option includes regular bevelled knife and a regular mandrel- $99
  • Intermediate option includes a professional bevelled knife and a regular mandrel-
  • Advanced options include
    •  Professional bevelled knife and French baroque mandrel-
    •  Professional double hollow ground knife and baroque mandrel-


  • DMT Whetstone (Fine and Extra Fine)-$42
  • Jansport Reed Making Pouch-$22
  • Reed Cases (6 and 12 in vegan leather/10 in natural maple wood)- check prices
  • Extra staple bundle-
  • Extra cane bundle-

Magic Reed offers a great value in entry level to advanced student reed making kits.  We have four options that feature knives and mandrels from Chiarugi, Italy.   All kits come with a knife, mandrel, cutting block, plaque, thread, 5 regular staples, 5 single edge razors, a supply of parafilm, and 12 pieces of shaped student oboe cane (gouged only and tube cane shown are available on our cane page).  Add-ons include: Dia Sharp DMT Diamond Whetstone, Jansport tool pouch (with just right pockets that are perfect for our needs), reed cases; and, extra cane and staples.