Professional Reed Customizations (optional)

Conservatory Oboe Reeds

​Handmade Pre-Pro Oboe Reeds, made to order, for well trained oboists in high school, college and beyond.  These reed are medium strength with the  balance of warmth, response, focus, pitch and stability of our higher end reeds. They are value priced for students on a budget.  Players with a well developed embouchure and wind speed will enjoy this somewhat more structured reed.   We use our best cane, and choose the right cane hardness based on seasonal requirements. They are made on a Chartier staple with an opportunity for a Chiarugi #2 staple upgrade.  These reeds have extra drying cycles which improve quality and reliability post-shipment.  Finished on a Howarth XL Professional Oboe.

Used Howarth XL Oboe for sale. Purchased new in 2013, this is a gorgeous instrument in excellent condition with great response, tone and scale.  Moderately played (it is one of two oboes I own).  Please contact me directly for more information.

Professional Handmade Oboe Reeds

Professional Oboe Reeds

Handmade Professional Oboe Reeds, made to order, for highly accomplished professionals, college students, and amateurs.  These reeds are available "our way", or customized for our customers to be as close to their personal preferences as possible without being on site to test the reeds.  These are the best of the best in oboe reeds with a bold spirit and a great balance of warmth, nuance, response, focus, and stability.  We hand select our best cane from our medium and medium hard special stock which has been set aside for these reeds during processing.  We make all of these reeds to order, with no surcharge for customizations. They are offered on a Chartier staple with an opportunity for a Chiarugi upgrade.  We will make as many reeds as we need to deliver a reed with the quality and nuance expected from our best reeds.  Finished on a Howarth XL Professional Oboe.

Conservatory Handmade Oboe Reeds

We appreciate loyal customers and will thank you with periodic upgrades and/or extra goodies your future orders.

Best Quality Oboe Reeds and Cane For Better Performance

Magic Reed

​Handmade Oboe Reeds 

Intermediate Handmade Oboe Reeds

Intermediate Oboe Reeds

​Handmade Intermediate Oboe Reeds for serious students with at least 18 months experience; in middle school; or, others who can benefit from a very well  nuanced reed on medium to medium soft cane.  They are made with a slender shape, and usually on a Chartier staple. This is no ordinary reed, because they are some of the highest end reeds made on these staples.  They have a warm, focused sound, excellent response, good pitch and are beefier than other intermediate reeds on the market. Finished on a Howarth XL Professional Oboe.