Reed Monkey Blanks and Profiled Oboe Reeds
Reed Monkey Student Oboe Reeds



Reed Monkey Oboe Head Start Reed Blanks and Semi-Profiled Reeds are a great choice for novice and experienced reed makers, who: want the benefits of a well constructed blank; want to reduce the headaches of reed making; or just want to focus on the scrape.  Any way you look at it, a well constructed blank is essential to a properly functioning reed.  Isn't reed making is hard enough already?  We also believe that, in general,  the best way to start a student on reed making is starting with the scrape. Reed Monkey blanks are made with Chartier staples and "Select" grade cane.  Your blank will have a 71 1/2 length, it will be straight, offset and overlapped (when clipped) tie and for  tight sides and a good seal.  Our semi-profiled reeds will create a defined (but not finished tip), and a plateau (heart)  between .45-.47 which leaves you a few strokes to get to .40-.42 for a finished reed).  You will need to define the back and finish the reed.   When you use my blanks and profiled reeds you will experience the difference.  Sold in bundles of 5.  

Reed Monkey Student Oboe Reeds​ are a perfect solution for younger oboists who want a great reed to help them sound their best, but welcome certain cost savings measures in process or materials that keep their reeds more affordable. These student oboe reeds are warm, well nuanced, stable in pitch, and are made Magic Reed's expert reed maker .  We offer two options that should meet the needs of most recreational oboists in the 7th to 12th grades, with at least 16 months experience.   We use somewhat softer cane than our sister brand, and mount it on a Chartier synthetic staple. We have medium soft and medium strength options.  If you live in a high altitude climate, please check this on your Paypal button and we will make sure that our reed will work where you are.