Have you ever wondered why you don't get the results you want, even though you feel like you are adhering to all the scraping techniques that you were taught?  Welcome to the world of oboe!  The only way to have a fighting chance of making a great reed (even with the best scraping technique) is to have a properly constructed blank.  This means great cane, straight mount, right length, sealed, tight sides, offset and overlap installed.  Best of all,  experienced reed makers can finish them based on climate and personal preference.  When you use our blanks and profiled reeds you will experience the difference.  


Head Start Oboe Reeds

Oboe Reeds in Blank and Semi-Processed Form

Magic Reed Blanks and Profiled Reeds (5)

Great Reeds Always Start With A Properly Constructed Blank!

Oboe Reed Blanks and Profiled Reeds:  Regular and High Altitude-All Made To Order 

1) Clean Blanks -

  • Choice of Diameter (10-10.5 or 10.5-11), 46 or 47 mm Chiarugi #2 staple, Brannen Shape, your choice of length, offset installed but no overlap, no scraping.

2) Modified Blank (1/4 finished)

  • Choice of diameter (10-10.5 or 10.5-11), 46 or 47 mm Chiarugi @2 staple, Brannen shape, your choice of length, offset installed, tip clipped, exposed bark, overlap clicked into place (preferred method)

3) Profiled Reed (1/2 + finished)

  • All options from the modified version, reeds are given an American Scrape on a Reeds n Stuff Profiler, two levels of prep based on the extent of the reduction of the gouge of the heart (4.45-.47 or .42-.45), the reed will not be clipped again after the profiling.

4) Chartier Mandrels are available for sale to ensure a great fit with your staples.

5) We wouldn't dare try to finish a reed here that would meet our standards for play in a High Altitude environment.  There are too many variables in finishing.  But, we make terrific blanks, with larger openings (typically 9.5-10 diameter cane) and a little harder cane to offset the effects of the environment on the reed.

6) 5 Reed Minimum for all options.