Magic Reed is nationally recognized for high-quality handmade oboe reeds and a private label harder oboe cane that has been described as "the best in 20 years".  We think our customers are best served with our boutique business model and a select group of truly differentiated products. This focus keeps us nimble and gives us both the time we need to finish reeds to professional standards as well as the resources to make long term investments in extraordinary crops of cane, as opposed to short term inventories of many different brands that may be more variable over time.  

Magic Reed Handmade Oboe Reeds are designed for warmth, nuance, response, stability, and extra beef provides more depth and darkness in tone. We use an American scrape with a structure referred by professionals.  Our breadth of strength options, however, means that they can be enjoyed by oboists with at least 12-18 months experience and a developing embouchure.  Oboe playing is hard enough without having to fuss with making good reeds,  dealing with the frustration of playing on reeds that "don't do the job" or that expire in a couple of hours of play.  Our reeds play great and help oboists get down to the business of making great music.   

  • Our "Head Start" Reeds are just what the doctor ordered for busy professionals or conservatory students who need, or want, to focus on scraping  without the burden of creating the perfect blank.  Our blanks and semi-profiled reeds are made to order with lots of options.  
  • We have just introduced a new High Altitude Head Start Reed so that players in this challenging reed making environment can purchase professional quality blanks and semi-finished reeds with the right diameter and aperture size with confidence that the blanks we make here will work well for you there.

Magic Reed Oboe Cane was added to our product line in early 2017.  While it was originally sourced and purchased for our own reed making needs, once we worked with it, we knew that the cane was too good to keep to ourselves.  This medium hard to hard cane has been received by the oboe community with unbridled enthusiasm.  We will be adding a medium strength cane to our product line in mid September that is just as good in its own category.  Both are available in tube and hand processed form; and, in Elite, Pro and Select grades. We conduct multiple hand sorting/grading for all cane- especially cane that is sold by the bundle.  

Reed Monkey Student Oboe Reeds are designed for middle school and high school oboe students who want a great reed to play their best,  but prefer a more economical reed without the bells and whistles.   They differ from the Magic Reed oboe reeds in that they use student staples,  somewhat softer cane for playability, and have finishing consistent with an intermediate plus reed.  While we do not make beginner reeds, players with at least one year's experience, and a developing embouchure will enjoy these reeds.  Reed Monkey Oboe Cane is available in gouged and shaped form, and is selected from my personal inventory of  medium soft to medium cane in the 10.25-11 diameter range.  This is a very good quality cane that we use to make Reed Monkey reeds.  We offer  "Head Start" student reeds in blank and semi-profiled forms that are mounted on Chartier staples. 

Our site has plenty of product information in drop down menus, including; reed spec's, pictures, demo's reviews, reed making tips, performances, and more.  Have fun with it, and please feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have.  We are here to help you make your oboe experience a great one.

Welcome to The Magic Reed!   

Kathy Sheinhouse, Owner/Reed Maker​

Magic Reeds are made with an eclectic blend of  Northeast American reed styles.  Our reeds are designed  to provide the best balance within the pitch, tone and response triad at every level and every strength preference.  Our reeds are generally bolder and more structured than the typical commercial handmade reed.  However, we have made some changes in our process to reduce the size of the aperture and to generally make them easier and more fun to play for non-professionals.

Now with more choices for players of all abilities and budgets

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​OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE COMMITMENT:  Your satisfaction with your reeds, supplies, and overall customer experience is very important to us.   We can always be contacted through e-mail or telephone to discuss your questions or any concerns and will get back to you within 24 hours.  Finally, we guarantee satisfaction with our reeds- fix or replace.   Just contact us within 5 days of receipt of your order.

Expert  reed maker

Oboe cane is fickle-and  any professional oboist knows that the only way to manage it and get great results is a handmade process that includes lots of tests, rests, and highly nuanced hand scraping.   Machined reeds do not offer this because all of the scraping is done at once (often too much), structure is fixed, and reed potential is often diminished and even destroyed.  We believe that you are here because you want and deserve more. Click here for:  Why handmade is best video

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Best Cane- Custom PROCESSING

The best reeds always begin with the best cane.   Our Magic Reed Cane has been described as "the best cane in 20 years".  It loves to be scraped- and we love scraping it!  We hand process it in our shop, use it for our own reeds, and make it available to the oboe community to enjoy.  Our extensive sorting process ensures excellent quality control and the ability to match cane properties with reed grade, regional climates, and personal preferences in aperture size and strength. Click here for Intro to Oboe Cane:  Part 1 and 

Part 2-Cane Processing Overview

Kathy Sheinhouse is the owner/reed maker of the Magic Reed.   Her professional training took place at The Juilliard School  and Oberlin Conservatory, which was  followed by extended study and consultations with some of America's finest artists.   She formed the Magic Reed in 2007 to focus exclusively on the production of "best in class"  handmade oboe reeds. She sells her reeds directly through her website as well as  through a select network of trusted retailers.  Click here for Kathy's meet and greet.