Chiarugi Beveled and Razor Edge Knives

​Jansport Tool Case


Oboe Reed Making Kits- Great Tools/More Supplies/Best Value!​​

Chiarugi Brass Staples (46 and 47 mm)

​Chartier Brass Staples (47 mm)

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Rieger Oboe Cane Splitter

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Ebony Easel

Purchase Individually

I love this splitter.  It is especially effective with smaller diameter or thicker walled cane.

32 mm Ebony Cutting Block

Oboe Reed Making Kits and Tools

Kit Components and Add-Ons



FF Thread (275 yards)

Omega Thread

​Silk Swab

Chiarugi French Baroque Mandrel

Chiarugi Regular Mandrel

1) Student (S) Reed Making Kit: Standard bevelled knife, standard mandrel, cutting block, 3 razors, plaque, millimeter caliper ruler;  spool of Omega thread, 10 shaped slips of oboe cane, 3 standard staples, and one clean blank.  An easel and extra supplies can be purchased separately.

2) Intermediate/Advanced (I/A) Deluxe Reed Making Kit:  This kit is recommended for oboists who have made a longer term commitment to their music, and would like to upgrade to our best bevelled or straight edge knife and French Baroque mandrel, cutting block, plaque, 5 razors, millimeter caliper ruler,  spool of Omega thread, 4 standard staples, 15 shaped slips of medium strength oboe cane, two blanks, and a Jansport Tool Case.   An easel and extra supplies can be purchased separately.