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Deal of The Day:   Rieger Cane Splitter-$15 instant rebate with purchase of 2 bundles of tube cane.  

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Magic Reed Oboe Cane ​ (MH-H)


  • This wonderful, harder strength oboe cane that has earned rave reviews in the elite oboe community.  It is harvested in the South of France and is dense; thick walled; tight fibers; harder (without being at all brittle), darker color with some marbling; resilient; easy to work with; aprox. 118-125 tubes per pound.  It is the only cane we sell, and another example of our philosophy of only carrying products that are truly differentiated in the marketplace.  Contact us directly for tube cane by the pound.


Two Quality Oboe Cane Options- Conservatory and Professional 


  • Professional Cane is our best cane that is graded based on our most rigorous selection process and the expectation that it will yield the most "artist" or concert quality reeds.  It has excellent uniformity from end to end, is straight, and never bowed.  It has the most choices of diameter, gouger (for side thickness), actual gouge; and shape.

  • Conservatory Cane is very high quality cane that is graded based on several sortings. It has all of the characteristics that one would expect from an excellent product with an excellent yield. This is not a student grade cane.

Tube, Cut-to-length, Pre-Gouged, Custom Gouged and Shaped Forms


  • Choice of diameter (9.5-10, 10-10.5, and 10.5-11) 

  • Choice of pre-gouged form- flat or .85-.95 in the center

  • Custom Gouge-Standard or Ross  (default to .58-.60) unless notified through contact form at the time of order

  • Custom ​Shape- Standard shape is Brannen; custom shapes available for elite option (see list on separate Paypal button- listed in order of narrowest to widest).


Magic Reed English Horn and ODO Cane​ (MH-H)


  • ​Our English Horn Tube Cane comes from the same grower as our oboe cane, with the same properties.  It is available in professional grade by the bundle (12-12.5 and 12.5-13 diameters).

  • While we do not process English Horn cane in house, we offer Medir Gouged and Gouged/Shaped EH cane as a convenience to our customers.

  • Oboes D'Amore cane in 11-12 diameter is available by the bundle in tube and cut to length form.


Note: While we appreciate that the prices of our cane are on the higher end, we keep it as affordable as possible.  There is limited cane available from the supplier and our costs are much higher than other canes on the market.  Further, our own stringent sorting reduces the % of cane that we will sell from our original inventory.  As is customary in the industry, cane is not returnable.  However, if you experience any issues with cane or any other product, please contact us.

​​​​​​​Magic Reed

Oboe Cane

Please contact us directly for tube cane orders of a pound or more.

Custom Gouge and Shape Options
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Deal of The Day:   Rieger Cane Splitter-$15 instant rebate with purchase of 2 bundles of tube cane.  

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