Reed Monkey Student Oboe Cane

Reed Monkey Offers two great student oboe cane options.  Our Select Cane is an intermediate grade cane with everything a student reed maker needs to achieve their best result.  It has much of the same properties as our pro stock (density and character), and is never bowed or twisted. Any differences would be indiscernible to the student reed maker.  It is available in 9.5-10, 10-10.5 and 10.5-11 diameters.   Students new to reed making appreciate our Practice Cane.  This cane usually arrives at this grade because the gouge was out of spec. (.55-.57).  It is offered in a 10-11 diameter range, but is otherwise similar to the "Select" option.  It is offered at a bargain price so that early learners are free to make the inevitable mistakes in reed making without incurring the expense of regular cane.

Reed Monkey Select Processed Cane
Student Reed Making Kits, Tools and Supplies

Reed Monkey

Student Oboe Cane, Tools and Supplies

Reed Monkey Oboe Reed Making Kits and Accessories

Student and Deluxe Oboe Reed Making Kits are both best in class.  They have great tools, more materials, and extra accessories than others costing much more.   Some of the key components are pictured above.  Our Student Oboe Reed Making Kit includes: Chiarugi Bevelled Knife (RH only), Mandrel, 32 mm ebony cutting block, plaque, Omega String (2), parafilm,  plastic caliper/mm ruler; 3 single edge razors, 3 Chartier Staples, 10 slips of shaped oboe cane, one blank, and a storage case. Our Deluxe Oboe Reed Making Kit upgrades the knife, mandrel and cutting block; adds an extra two staples, 5 shaped slips of oboe cane,  a second blank and a deluxe Jansport carrying case.   Limited time only- 20 extra slips of shaped "practice cane" with every kit.

Accessories are available a la carte and include: Chartier 47 mm staples, deluxe cutting block,  ebony easel, Omega Thread (purple only), plaques, plastic millimeter caliper, Sterisol and a silk swab.