Advanced Reed Making Kits and Stuff

Don't worry.  We will give you plenty of extra practice cane FREE with your kit so that your early mistakes don't hurt so much.

General depiction.  Add:  String, parafilm, mm caliper ruler, razors and 2 blanks and upgraded cutting block.  

Reed Monkey Student Oboe Cane

Reed Monkey select oboe cane is one of the best (if not the best) student cane on the market.  It is selected from the same inventory as our pro grade so it will have the same essential character for great reed making results.  Our strict quality controls mean that you will always receive cane that is straight where it counts, never bowed, and with an ample touchdown against a flat service in the middle to ensure a good seal.  It is gouged a little thinner than our pro models to make the reed making process easier.  The cane is more than enough for most student reed makers, and the most discernible difference from our conservatory grade is the price. Once you get up and running and have reliable skills and results, it will be time to sample our conservatory grade and upgrade if you find you get better results.  It is available in 9.5-10, 10-10.5 and 10.5-11 diameters.   Students new to reed making appreciate our Practice Cane (Bargain Cane) which is offered in a 10-11 diameter range.  Novice reed makers make lots of mistakes. We understand, so we offer five extra slips of practice grade cane with every select order for an even better value!

Reed Monkey Select Processed Cane

Reed Monkey

Student Oboe Cane, Tools and Supplies

Oboe Reed Making Kits-Holiday Special- $169

Advanced Oboe Reed Making Kits  This is an advanced kit is offered at a student kit price, and is best in class.  They have great tools, more materials, and extra accessories than others costing much more.  Our Student Oboe Reed Making Kit includes: Professional Chiarugi Bevelled Knife (RH only), Mandrel, Deluxe Magic Reed Cutting Block, plaque, Omega String, Parafilm,  plastic caliper/mm ruler; 3 single edge razors, 3 Chartier Staples, 10 slips of shaped oboe cane, and one blank 10 extra slips of shaped "practice cane" with your kit.  Holiday special- add one extra regular Chiarugi bevelled knife and carrying case to your oboe reed making kit free!  

Holiday Deals For Oboists:

  • Buy 6 reeds and get a $40 instant rebate on an advanced reed making kit (while supplies last).  Buy 10 reeds and get an $60 instant rebate on advanced reed making kit

  • Buy 5 reeds and get one free

  • Buy two bundles of oboe cane and get 25% more free.

  • Buy a deluxe cutting block with a silk swab for $20 (automatic rebate on Paypal)-great stocking stuffers
  • Teachers- buy 5 or more cutting blocks for holiday gifts your students, and get $4 off every block.
  • ​Buy one advanced reed making kit and get a second knife free