Your Profile:

The more I know about you, the more I can match my reeds to your needs.  Every reed we offer will include certain customizations if you e-mail me your preferences (with the most at the professional grade).   When you submit a profile with your order, I will keep it on file for future reference.  You can also tweak your requests over time  based on your experience.  While it is best your you to be right here in my studio for testing, and no customizations are absolute, the objective is  to give you the best fit possible.  If you are happy too receive a great reed without customizations, that is fine too.  

Here's what I need to know, and this information is additive by reed grade:

Intermediate:  Name,  e-mail, telephone number, age, years of experience, whether you have a private teacher for after sale tweaking, altitude/humidity or shipping location if you would like me to adjust the aperture for your.  High altitudes, for example, benefit from larger openings.

Conservatory- Preferred aperture, strength and pitch

Professional-Preferred shape (narrow, medium, wide).   Reeds tend to be warmer as the widen, but the compromise is sometimes pitch.  Cane hardness ( medium to medium soft, medium, medium hard).  46 or 47 staple.