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The Magic Reed

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The Magic Reed's mission is to help oboists of any age and ability achieve a better musical life.  Our singular focus is reeds.  

Our reeds are made "Magic" because they are handmade by a conservatory trained professional oboist with 40 years experience crafting reeds with warmth, vibrancy, projection, playability and a distinct point of view that is the choice of top artists and teachers.  Magic Reeds are clean, defined, and consistent.  They are made over days, not minutes, with extra finishing and nuance rarely found in the industry.

All reeds are made to give you the best results for how you play now.  They all have the same great American scrape and use the best cane and materials.  Students generally get the best sound with a softer reed that has an easy "blow" and a little less vibrancy than the intermediate reed.  As the student learns how to produce a more controlled sound, he will be ready to step-up to an intermediate reed.  Intermediate reeds are a little harder than the student reeds and have more finishing. However, they are still made in a way that doesn't require a player to have a full support system to produce a great sound.  This is accomplished without compromising function and longevity.  Advanced players are often very particular in their strength preferences and finishing.  I strive to deliver a highly nuanced reed that will deliver great results in practice, lessons, rehearsals and concert.    Further, they come in three strengths to accommodate the preferences of most oboists.  

We have always been guaranteed against leaks of any kind.  Now, we offer a free after sale adjustment service for gold and platinum reed customers that is especially helpful to first time buyers (or those without reed adjustment resources) who are trying to determine the right strength within our line-up.  Excellence in customer service is a strong business value.  We are a leader in the industry in terms of order to shipment time.


I am always gratified by the positive response of my customers to my reeds and am proud to bring additional quality and value to new and old customers with this enhanced product line.  


Kathy Sheinhouse, your dedicated oboe reed resource