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Oboe cane is fickle- even at its best.  Handmade reed makers understand that the only way to achieve a superior result is with custom processing and a methodical approach to scraping that includes lots of tests, rests and finishing in a very specific order.   Machine finished, and near finished reeds do everything at once, without regard to the specific nature of the material.  Reed potential is often diminished and even destroyed.  We believe that you are here because you want and deserve more.  Why handmade is best video

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The best reeds always begin with the best cane.   We have a great pipeline of the finest cane in the world and maintain ample inventories of tube cane,  partially processed cane at every stage, and blanks at every strength.   Every tube is custom processed (including the gouge) depending on its strength and other attributes.  Our job is to make every reed the best it can be, and we know that this starts with lots of steps that precede scraping.  Click here for Introduction:  Part 1

Part 2-Cane Processing Overview

Magic Reed is nationally recognized for high-quality handmade oboe reeds and oboe cane that can be enjoyed by students through touring professionals.  Our reeds are designed for  warmth, nuance, response and stability.  Our higher end reeds are beefier than most, for a more professional experience.   We know student and intermediate players need a somewhat "easier ride" so we build this into their reeds to optimize the development of better technique, tone, and musicality.   Oboe playing is hard enough without having to fuss with making good reeds, or dealing with the frustration of playing on reeds that "don't do the job" or expire in a couple of hours of play.  Our reeds play great and help oboists get down to the business of making great music.   

We also offer a beautiful harder oboe cane from France sold under our label.  It has been described as "the best in 20 years" by top touring professionals.  In fact, it is so good, I bought a 7 year inventory that will be used for my reeds and the sale of bundled processed cane.  It is also offered in tube form by the pound on a special order basis.  

 We have packed this site with a lot of information, including reed making and other educational videos, audio demonstrations of our different reeds by a conservatory trained oboist, and resource links.  We trust that this will help you feel very comfortable  in placing your first order.  We would be both humbled and gratified to be along for your journey and to consider you one of our friends.  Welcome to The Magic Reed!   

Kathy Sheinhouse, Owner/Reed Maker​

Magic Reeds are made with an eclectic blend of  Northeast American reed styles, with further influences from Lucarelli and others.  Our reeds are designed  to provide the best balance within the pitch, tone and response triad at every level and every strength preference.  Our reeds are generally bolder and more structured than the typical commercial handmade reed, and players new to our site would benefit from a downgrade in strength or a custom reed until they get to know us better.  


Kathy Sheinhouse is the owner/reed maker of the Magic Reed.   Her professional training took place at The Juilliard School  and Oberlin Conservatory, which was  followed by extended study and consultations with America's finest artists.   She formed the Magic Reed in 2007 to focus exclusively on the production of "best in class"  handmade oboe reeds. She sells her reeds directly through her website as well as  through a select network of trusted retailers.  Click here for Kathy's meet and greet.

For Oboists who have tried the rest, and are ready for the best!

​OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE COMMITMENT:  Your satisfaction with your reeds, supplies, and overall customer experience is very important to us.  Our goal is for you to come to see us as a long-term resource in your musical life- not just the place to get a great reed for the month.  To this end, we work hard to make reeds for you that we believe are the best of the best in their categories.  We promise to manage the size of our business, our pipeline, and our time, so that we are free to make your reeds without rushing and still meet or beat our published ship date.  We will only use the best cane and materials for our reeds, and will make these available to you on our website along with great entry-level reed making tools for those who are taking their first steps into the world of reed making.  We will also use this website as a platform for general oboe education, reed making and cane tutorials, and listening rooms to promote your development.  We are available to answer your questions, and can be contacted through e-mail and telephone.  Finally, we guarantee satisfaction with our reeds, including replacement or refund if you are dissatisfied with your reeds for any reason.  Just contact us within 5 days of receipt of your order.