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Student Oboe Cane  ​is drawn from the same inventory as our professional cane and is what we use for our own student reeds.  It produces a well sealed reed, is never bowed, is forgiving for the student reed maker, is capable of producing the same great tone as our professional option, Students who want excellent cane at a great price will enjoy this product.


Magic Reed Professional Products:

Handmade Oboe Reeds in professional, conservatory and intermediate grades are designed for serious players who want their oboe reeds to perform at the highest standards so they can play their best. They are nationally recognized for warmth, nuance, response and stability, and we have the reviews to prove it.  Their scrape, structure and extra beef (resistance)  provides more depth and darkness in tone (and longevity) than is customary with most commercial reeds.  Our Professional Oboe Reed includes a number of customizations that elite players will appreciate, including a cane diameter that matches climate and personal preference, shape, and staple upgrade with both 46 and 47 mm options.  Intermediate and conservatory (or conservatory bound) players, with established or developing embouchures,  can sound better and progress further and faster with our reeds. Oboe playing is hard enough without having to fuss with making good reeds, dealing with the frustration of playing on reeds that "don't do the job" or that expire in a couple of hours of play.  Our reeds play great and help oboists get down to the business of making great music.  

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Professional Oboe Cane  is a wonderful harder oboe cane that was added to our product line in early 2017. It is the only cane we sell.  It has been received in tube form by the elite oboe community with unbridled enthusiasm (see our reviews).  Our cane is harder, but not brittle; has resilience; and produces a great reed, even in cold, dry and high altitude climates.  We offer our cane in gouged only, and gouged/shaped forms, in 9.5-11.25 diameters, and with standard and custom options.  Our professional and conservatory options differ in small nuances in how the ends sit on a flat surface, but are otherwise identical.  They are both straight, never bowed, have a beautiful curvature within their diameters, have tight fibers and have very good gouge consistency from end to end.  Our conservatory option is specially priced to make sure that it is more affordable to serious students on a budget.  If you like working with harder cane, this is a wonderful choice.   Players without reed making machines can purchase and enjoy the same cane as top pros have bought by the kilo, and it will be hand processed for you at the highest standards.

Head Start Reeds (blanks and semi-profiled reeds) are just what the doctor ordered for busy professionals, conservatory students and beginning reed makers who want to focus on scraping without the burden of creating the perfect blank.  They are made to order in specific diameters that meet the needs of players across climate zones and altitudes.  We want you to be confident that the blanks and semi-profiled reeds that we make here will work well there.

Magic Reed  specializes in "best in class" handmade oboe reeds and cane for serious musicians. Reeds are made, and cane is processed, to order, for a custom, or near custom result.   Our customers have included touring professionals, conservatory oboe professors, as well as dedicated amateurs and students. We pride ourselves in truly differentiated products- so both our reeds and our cane have a point of view.  Our Magic Reeds are beefy, spirited with a warm, enchanting tone.  Our Magic Reed Cane has been described as "the best in 20 years". It is harder/denser without being at all brittle; it is easy to scrape; resilient; and produces a great reed, even in cold, dry and high altitude climates. We bought plenty of this cane at its peak, so the cane you enjoy today can probably be ordered again and again.  We carry it in 9.5-11.5 diameters and have a limited amount of tube cane for sale in 12.5.

About Your Reed Maker:  Kathy Sheinhouse received her musical training at Juilliard and Oberlin Conservatory with additional  influences from some of America's most elite artists and educators. As the sole proprietor of Magic Reed, she makes all reeds, samples and procures all cane; and processes that cane to the highest professional standards. Kathy wants her reeds to be trusted friends that liberate players from reed management headaches.  A well functioning, beautifully crafted, oboe reed  enhances individual expression; promotes musical discovery; and truly differentiates a player from peers.  Her mission is to  promote great music making and an extraordinary musical life for all of her customers. 

Reed Monkey Student Products:

Student Oboe Reeds are designed for middle school and high school oboe students who want a great reed to play their best, but prefer a less strenuous and more economical option.  They are made with somewhat softer cane than our Magic Reeds (for easier playability), have somewhat smaller openings, and are mounted on student staples. They are also made by Kathy, and have excellent hand finishing that significantly exceeds category standards in the marketplace.  

Conservatory Trained (Oberlin and Juilliard).  Professional reed maker since 2007.

American scrape with eclectic blend of New York and Phili styles to provide what we believe is a great balance of tone, response and pitch at every level and every strength preference. We do not believe in wimpy reeds, so players with a well-developed (or developing) embouchure will enjoy us the most.

​​OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE COMMITMENT:  Your satisfaction with your reeds, supplies, and overall customer experience is very important to us.   We can always be contacted through e-mail or telephone to discuss your questions or any concerns and will get back to you within 24 hours.  Finally, we guarantee satisfaction with our reeds- fix or replace.   Just contact us within 5 days of receipt of your order. Note: International orders need to be approved in advance, and will incur a shipping fee that covers all charges if approved.

Expert  reed maker

point of view-Beefy, Responsive, Warm, Long-Lived

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